Choosing the Right Board Portal: Features, Benefits, and Comparison

Choosing the Right Board Portal: Features, Benefits, and Comparison

The board that is going to organize the online meeting is faced with the question – which platform to use? Choosing the right service is further complicated because a wide range of board portals are on the market. So, how to choose the most reliable solution? Here is more about it.

Board software – a new way to streamline your board team

The modern period of development of society is characterized by the fact that digital technologies are rapidly entering various spheres of public life, changing their quality and content. As the primary trend that determines the development of modern society, a new category is increasingly being used – digitalization, which from a simple method of improving various private aspects of life, is turning into a driver of global social development, ensuring an increase in the efficiency of the economy and automation. The introduction of digital technologies in the board of directors aims to accelerate the processes of interaction in business relations and, as a result, reduce various kinds of costs. For corporate legal entities, using digital technologies like board portals allows, in addition, to reduce the costs associated with the implementation of corporate governance and ensure the rights of corporation participants.

The board management automation software is a global help in running your business. Thanks to the program, you can control projects, employees, resources and much more. Each project in the boardroom begins with the formulation of the main stages of implementation and subtasks to it. The task management program allows you to visualize all phases of the project, assign each task a responsible executor and a due date, and for maximum efficiency, it is desirable to indicate a priority.

How to choose the right board portal?

Today’s executives have a rich selection of boardroom platforms to choose from. So let’s get into the details and find out what board portal features to look for when choosing a platform. There is the following criterion:

    • Number of participants – how many users can be invited and how many connections the server can handle. Try hosting a webinar and see how many people can attend, if the stream is available, and if there are audio issues.
    • Quizzes and polls – whether you can create quizzes and polls for board members on the platform. Learn when to add a survey and show it to process participants.
    • Webinar recording – if there is a possibility to record broadcasts at the site. Specify whether the recording can be downloaded immediately and to whom it will be available by default: only to you or all participants.
    • Analytics system – what are the indicators, and how are the statistics tracked? Learn how to download reports and transfer data.
    • Mailings – it is better to check whether the platform has a built-in mailing system and whether it is possible to connect to it the service of your choice.
    • Technical support – how the technical service works and whether its employees can quickly fix the system if something does not go according to plan during the webinar.

Security is essential

Security and privacy are fundamental when hosting a virtual conference. It would be best to choose software that offers two-factor authentication to block the event to avoid the entry of participants who have not registered. It should be password protected, and only administrators should have access to critical controls such as muting participants, sharing videos, or screen sharing.